Super Tuesday! Yuck!

February 5, 2008

Today is The Big Day! Purported to be the day that the country will decide who will be the candidates for POTUS for the two major parties, today just doesn’t get me excited. I probably won’t even vote. For those of you who know me, you will recognize that is a rather profound statement. Let me elaborate just a little.

Having watched the political landscape slowly come into sharp focus in the last couple of years, I am sad (although not surprised) to say that I am not in the least excited about this election. For the first time in memory, I do not have a clear choice candidate to vote for! First of all, I am registered as a Libertarian so I can’t vote for any candidate that is a serious contender. Second, If I were still registered as a Republican, there is no candidate that has a “snowball’s” chance of winning that is any different than the opposition candidates(Hillary Rodham Anti-Christ notwithstanding).

The choices for Democrat voters is down to Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton. Both are extreme leftists and socialists. Both are more concerned with gaining control of the citizenry and with obtaining absolute power than with doing what is necessary to save this crumbling country.

Republican choices tend to be the same. Gov. Romney is a classical Yankee liberal that has shown an affinity for going whatever way the political wind is blowing at any given time. To me, he is just as false as either of the Democrats. Sen. McCain is even worse! Although I have great respect for him as a war hero, his policies have proved him to be a liberal leftist and a socialist that is no better than either of the Democrat candidates. His leadership would continue to take the U.S. down the road to collapse. Gov. Huckabee has gained a tremendous amount of support simply for his endorsement of the adoption of the FairTax. I support that whole-heartily. However, my having grown up in a home with very devout Southern Baptists, I have serious reservations about putting a Baptist minister in the White House. One would think that as a Libertarian I would be a strong supporter of Dr. Paul. But Dr. Paul carries two pieces of baggage that prevent me from seriously considering him as a viable candidate. The first is his isolationist vision of world politics and the second is the make-up of the most vocal of his supporters. I do not believe that Ron Paul would adequately defend the U.S. from the threat of radical Muslim groups. Paul’s supporters include radicals from both the far right and the far left. That scares me to death!

So, what will my choices be in November? Clinton(socialist) or Obama(socialist) against McCain(socialist) or Romney(socialist) with the extremely remote possibility of Huckabee(theocrat) will likely be my only choices with a third party candidate being a possibility. It is widely believed that Huckabee is only staying in the race to give him an opportunity to be included on the ticket as a vice-presidential running mate for McCain or Romney.

Which leads to my need to make a decision. Which is better, a socialist Democrat or a socialist Republican? Either is still a socialist. And I can’t bring myself to vote for a socialist just to keep another socialist from another party from becoming POTUS. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Republican party since that party has sold conservatives down the river numerous times since 1994! In fact, I don’t see a dime’s worth of difference between the two major parties.

The U.S. is headed for a fall. Nothing in recent months has given me any indication that things are about to turn around. In almost every aspect of our environment, socialists are hacking away at our freedoms, using incremental-ism to achieve their misguided Utopian dreams. Perhaps it is time to let it all go! Perhaps it is time to let the dumb masses elect Clinton or Obama and prepare as best as we can for the impending collapse of the world as we know it. I consider that as the only alternative to electing a socialist Republican and watching the world as we know it collapse on a Republican watch!

The collapse will come. Events have inertia. The inertia is tremendous at this time. No amount of government intervention will prevent what is destined to occur. Government intervention, when it comes(and it will come), will only amplify our loss of rights and increase dependence of the dumb masses on government, i.e. taxpayers.

My decision need not be made until November. I think I will spend the time until then preparing for the worst. Maybe I’ll spend election day practicing at the range!


One Response to “Super Tuesday! Yuck!”

  1. GrapeApe said

    My votes are easy, at least for the final election in November:

    If Hillary Clinton gets the Democrat nomination, I vote for the Republican. If Barak Obama gets the Democrat nomination, I vote AGAINST the Republican.

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