Another beautiful day in paradise

October 2, 2008

Life is good!  The sun is shining in a beautiful clear blue sky.  The temp is just cool enough to make long jeans comfortable, which is good because I have to do some string trimming.  Birds are singing their little feathery asses off and the bugs are busy devouring my turnip greens.

The foreboding overcast of impending doom that hangs over our country should be putting a crimp in my happy lifestyle.  But that is surprisingly not the case.  I think I have reached that state of mind that accepts that whatever is in store for us I will just face as it gets here.  My preparations will continue, but are far enough along that if the SHTF tomorrow, we could probably outlast most of our peers.  Anything that comes along is just another challenge.

Now let’s see if I can find some magic dust to sprinkle on the turnips that will send the bugs to heaven.

Life is good!  Bring it on!


One Response to “Another beautiful day in paradise”

  1. BB said

    Life is good!

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