Simple pleasures

October 7, 2008

Yesterday, Mrs. Mann and I decided on the spur of the moment to take a little drive and have a picnic.  We assembled makings for hot dogs and a couple of drinks and headed out.  Anywhere we drive here is lovely anyway, but we headed for a particularly pretty spot in the Cherokee National Forest.

The Horse Creek Recreation Area is well-maintained by the NFS and is only a few minuted from our home.  It is a beautifully wooded area along Horse creek that includes a campground and a picnic area.  When we arrived, since it was not on a weekend, the whole area was deserted.  We chose a picnic site next to the creek and began our preparations to roast hot dogs on a charcoal grill.

While the coals were getting ready, we relaxed watching the water bubbling over the rocks in the creek bed.  The leaves are beginning to turn color and several in our view were already bright red.  The only sounds we heard besides the creek were birds singing and insects buzzing.  The peacefulness was deafening!

The only other people we saw the whole time we were there a father and his two children who came rock-hopping up the creek.  After a few minutes, they too were gone leaving us to eat our hot dogs in paradise with nobody other than the squirrels and birds to share it with.

When it was time to go, a little side trip up Round Knob and a stop by the Creekside Market for an ice cream cone made the trip home sweet.  There is nothing more comforting than enjoying the beauty of this place with the one I love.


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  1. BB said

    Great Writing!

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