October 25, 2008

This is the time of year that the seasonal changes are the most striking to me.  Earlier this week, there was a big frost that nipped the last of the tender plants in the garden.  The leaves on the hardwood trees are turning bright red, orange, or yellow and are turning loose and being carried along by the swirling Fall winds.  As this is being written, clouds associated with a cold front hang low overhead, obscuring the view of the top of our mountain.

The beauty of the changing weather and landscape is exhilarating.  This is the time of year for Fall festivals and celebrations.  It is also prime time for public estate auctions.  People are bustling about preparing for the coming cold weather and popular holidays.  Sportsmen trek to their favorite hunting spots to engage in sport and/or to harvest natural food for their families.  Weekend football games inspire many to don the colors of their favorite teams.

But, there is tension in the air.  There seems to be an unusual urgency to people’s preparations this year.  There is a pall hanging over this beautiful place.  Many are nervous about the upcoming election for the U.S. Presidency.  Most are also very concerned about the crisis in the world economy, although few truly understand its significance to their personal situations.  Economic principles are as foreign as Mongolian herdsmen to most of our citizens due to our government schools being primarily under the control of socialists.  That being said, they can still recognize that their job may be the one that will be eliminated.  That creates a feeling of fear that is palpable.

Both major candidates for POTUS make populist appeals that cater to the ignorance of the masses.  In spite of their ignorance, most people can sense that something is not right with that and are distrustful of one or the other or both of the principle candidates.  The bias of the national media outlets instills frustration and anger in those that take the effort to educate themselves from other sources.

I feel that we are past a point of no return on a path toward either a totalitarian state or total collapse of the U.S. as we know it.  We have few choices available to us.  One party’s candidate will, in my humble opinion, cause a rapid escalation in the slide toward the inevitable outcome.  The other nominee, on the other hand, will simply delay the inevitable outcome thereby giving those of us inclined to do so more time to make preparations.

It seems to me that many people recognize that the night following election day, and perhaps for the days and weeks following, will see much violence and unrest in the major cities of this country.  Regardless of which candidate wins, there will be either demonstrations of protest or riots of celebration.  In neither case do I expect conservatives to be taking part.

It is as if an ill wind blows forth like that emanating from the land of Mordor in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings masterpiece.  Yet, I still see peace and serenity in this place.  I see farmers busily going about baling hay, tending livestock, and maintaining Fall gardens.  I see children playing happily in the schoolyard just down the road.  I see neighbors carrying covered dishes into the local church fellowship hall in preparation for a homecoming feast.  Horse drawn wagons and buggies filled with laughing riders pass by accompanied by the clippity-clop of horseshoes on the pavement.  Life is good here, with the problems of the world seemingly having no effect.

But, it is not that problems do not effect this community.  The problems are here.   The people here are aware of them and they take them seriously.  The fact that the serious situation that exists seems not to have an effect is an illusion caused by the attitudes of the people.  They simply recognize that the only way they can address the problems that exist is to remain steadfast in their beliefs and continue to conduct themselves in a responsible and self-sufficient manner.  They are aware that their vote has little consequence, but they have lined up in droves for early voting.  They are aware that the major population centers that are populated by masses of people that are simply burdens on society have a much larger voice in national political decisions than they do.  And still they go about their lives striving for as much normalcy as possible.

To me, it is a matter of character.  It is internal.  It is basic and inherent.  It is the only way these people know how to act.  It is part of their upbringing, a part of their heritage.  The people here are of the earth.  They, in general, don’t know anything else.  Most of them have never lived anywhere else.  They have never experienced the rudeness and the contempt that followed hurricane Katrina in those areas that hosted “evacuees”.  They have no concept of the way ethnic gangs in major cities hate white people and conspire to kill them at their first opportunity.  Although there is very little ethnic minority presence here and the major news media consistently stereotypes people from here as “racist” and “bigoted”, I only see the acceptance of anyone of any race as long as their behavior remains in acceptable bounds.  But, those that are here illegally are, expectedly, regarded as any other criminal would be.

The people here don’t want to “change”.  They like what they have well enough.  Improvements are always welcome, but few of the changes that come from Washington, D.C. actually cause improvements in the lives of the people here.  Most of the “change” refers to what they have left in their pockets after government is through with its confiscation of their property that they have worked so hard to earn.  The people here are producers. And they are tired of having the products of their labors confiscated by government to be redistributed to those that are not producers.

Like the seasons, I am afraid change will come all too soon to the good folks in this community.  It won’t be pretty, and it won’t be welcome.  How people react here is yet to be seen.  Will they knuckle under like so many times in the past in the interest of peace and harmony, or will they rise up and resist.  I don’t know.  But, in this case, the reaction here may not be what is expected by the powers that be.  I firmly believe that local residents here are ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to protect their families, their property, and their way of life, even at the price of forfeiting their own lives.  It will likely be very interesting to watch from an “up close and personal” viewpoint.

With all the change that is threatened or that is inevitable, there is still a peace here that is very reassuring.  I am reassured by the belief that the people of this community will band together out of the sense of personal responsibility that is a function of the character of the populace here and do whatever is necessary to preserve the beauty that is this place.  That is one of the thousands of little things that make me love this place so much.


2 Responses to “Change”

  1. BB said

    I enjoyed reading this very much, and I found it so true.

  2. GrapeApe said

    Good to see you are writing again. I suppose I need to get my blog back up to par as well.

    I have an interesting viewpoint on everything going on these days in the financial crisis. I not only live in a major city (one of the most liberal out there to boot), but I also work for a major player in the finance scene.

    Day in and day out I get to see what is going on from the inside out, and am beginning to see the writing on the walls that although many companies say they are doing well, they are lying.

    November fourth will be a very important day for our country, not just because of the president we will be electing, but because many local, state, and national offices are up for grabs.

    We could see our first major party shift in government is years, with a new direction towards the far left and big government. Although big government is nothing new, never before has a candidate with a real chance of being elected been so candid about his Marxist leanings. We could have our first Socialist in the White House, with all of the support in the house and Senate that he needs.

    Perhaps we will change our name to the USSA.

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