I Think This is Going To Hurt

June 27, 2009

I am usually pretty vocal about political wrangling by the fed.gov, but most things that the morons in Congress do don’t have a big and immediate effect on my life.  For the most part, the cuts of a thousand knives phenomenon can be shrugged off and made up for in modifications of my behavior.  But, the bill passed by the House yesterday, 26 June 2009, by a 219 to 212 margin just may eventually do me in.

The Cap and Trade “Global Warming” bill, if approved by the Senate, will mean dramatically increased costs for me.  My cost for electricity, by Obammy’s own admission, will be drastically higher.  All my other costs will increase by a similar percentage as businesses pass their own cost increases on to the consumers.  My taxes will increase in order to pick up the tab for the leeches attached to the .gov teat.

And I am not alone.  The costs of this debacle will be borne by everyone in our economy that produces anything other than those that have positioned themselves through government corruption to profit by the raping of the working class.  If you are reading this, odds are (even if you are a feeb hack monitoring the internet traffic of those of us that have been defined by .gov as domestic terrorists) you will have your lifestyle seriously eroded by the results of this legislation.

The law of unintended consequences will appear to be in full glory.  Only this time, I don’t think the consequences are unintended!

In fact, I think the consequences are known and will be the result of a carefully calculated plan.  All the stars are in alignment.  Everything is as ripe for the final thrust as it could be.  The moment in time has come for the right charismatic figure to come along and seize absolute power.  And that figure just happens to be Obama.  It could have been Hillery, Biden, another commiecrat, or even McCain.  The name or the party affiliation of the individual is unimportant.  It’s the timing that counts.

I don’t think there will be a lot of happy people in areas that are already in the 15% unemployment bracket if this bill is passed in the Senate and becomes law, therefore increasing the unemployment rate even more.  Unhappy people can rapidly become VERY unhappy people.  VERY Unhappy people can do unfortunate things out of their hurt.  It seems that the current administration is doing things to intentionally cause its political foes to become unhappy in order to create as much crisis as possible.  Because, only in crisis can someone like Obama use the resulting emergency to seize absolute power.

Does the Weimar Republic ring a bell?

I think this is going to hurt!


One Response to “I Think This is Going To Hurt”

  1. BB said

    This is so true!

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